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Meet the Paws Family

Hello friends and welcome to the charming world of The Everyday Adventures of Papa & Paws®!

This delightful series of children’s picture books follows the heartwarming tales of Molly Paws, an adorable dog, and her loving family.
Created with little readers in mind, each book shares a sweet story that kids ages 0-5 will adore. The books feature charming illustrations of Molly and her family that are sure to make both children and parents smile.

Written by a devoted dog dad, the Papa & Paws® books capture the special bond between people and their furry friends. The stories are filled with themes of friendship, family, and unconditional love that readers young and old will treasure.

With their irresistible characters and positive messages, these preschool picture books are perfect for reading aloud at storytime. Let’s meet the doggies of the Paws Family that star in the books.

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Molly Paws

Molly Paws is a sweet little doggie that has adventures with her Papa, Mama, and sisters. She loves her after-dinner treat, snuggling up on the napping couch, and taking naps with her stuffed Wolfy toy.

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Miss Mia

Miss Mia is the Grand Dame of the family. She is the oldest and wisest Yorkie on this side of the fence. Don’t let her age fool you, she is still feisty and knows how to bark for what she wants!

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Zozo is one of the Yorkie Twins. She is cute and she knows it. Playing games and learning from her Molly Paws are her favorite things. Don’t tell Miss Mia, but Zozo might just be the genius of the family.

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Momo is one of the Yorkie Twins. She is cute but not agile. She loves to play puppy games but isn’t fond of being outside for long. Chew toys and snuggles with Mama and Papa are her favorite hobbies.

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Macy is the newest member of the Paws family. She is a sweet girl but sometimes she can be stubborn when she wants something. She loves her toys and her sisters.

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Harley is the dachshund. She loves belly rubs and romping around the yard. Don’t let her cuteness fool you, she will protect her yard and her sisters will all her barking might if need be!

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Brave little Gracie is the wisest of all Yorkies. She doesn’t let anything stop her from being a normal doggie. She loves to play in the yard with her sisters. But her favorite pastime is snuggling Mama.

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Papa & Mama

Papa is an artist who loves to capture the everyday adventures he has with the Paws family. Mama is a stay-at-home doggie mama to the doggies of the Paws family. They love to snuggle up with their doggies to watch a movie at the end of a long day.

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