What’s Up with the Blank Pages?

A recent five-star review brings up an interesting question:
“Kids friendly. Which[sic] there wasn’t so much empty pages at the back. At least create an activity page instead of leaving them blank.”

This reviewer has a great point. The print editions of The Everyday Adventures of Papa & Paws do have extra blank pages at the back. And while I would LOVE to add activity pages, there would still be blank pages at the back of the book. Because the books are printed on demand, the printer adds a code in the back of the book for quality and tracking purposes. Due to the nature of printing a book, you can’t just add “one page”, they come in fours (that’s a much longer story why!).

And while those extra pages are not ideal, I think the benefit of indie authors like myself being able to get their stories into the world is worth those extra blank pages.