A Papa & Paws® Family Christmas

I’m so excited about this new book, I just had to share one of the true stories that inspired our latest adventure, The Everyday Adventures of Papa & Paws®: Santa’s Fuzzy Little Visit.

We love to celebrate Christmas in our house. On Christmas Eve, Mama and Papa will head out in the evening to a service at Nana’s church. After enjoying the service, songs, lights, and good company, we come home and wind down for the evening. When we head off to bed, we leave all the Christmas lights on throughout the house as we await Santa’s arrival. Sometimes Molly Paws and Papa stay up late watching an old Christmas movie classic. (They usually fall asleep before it ends).

On Christmas morning, the girls each get a stocking that is filled with gifts to open (sometimes with Mama and Papa’s help). Grandma and Grandpa send something each year for them to play with.

While in real life, Molly Paws, Macy, and Marley don’t wait up for Santa, they do have a fun morning of unwrapping gifts and family time. After gifts, it’s time to settle in for watching a movie all snuggled up on the couch together!