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The Everyday Adventures of Papa & Paws® Book 11: A Visit to the Doggie Doctor

Today, Molly Paws and her sisters are visiting the vet for a checkup. They explore the office while waiting for their appointment. The doctor checks their ears, eyes, mouth, and heart. Will they be rewarded with a treat for being well-behaved patients?

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What Folks aRE saying

Rated 5.0 out of 5

“Papa Paws’ stories are always entertaining with adorable illustrations! I give this book 5 paws up and recommend it to children 3-6 years!

Molly and her siblings are getting a checkup at the Poochieville Vet Clinic today. The four dogs have mixed feelings about the trip. Why are they there if they aren’t sick? Will they get a shot? Canines, like children, experience nervousness and fear over doctor’s appointments. Many pet owners will relate to dogs who put on the brakes when they try to enter the building. Even mild-mannered felines will hiss and lash out because they don’t see the vet as a fun zone. 

As the dogs wait for their turn with Doctor Barkly (cute name, by the way), they learn the importance of regular checkups. Yes, they might get a shot, but it’s quick and only hurts a teeny bit. Plus, vets usually give a treat for being so brave! Kids might remark that they get a sticker or lollipop after they receive a shot. 

Children don’t have tails, paws, or fur, but there are some similarities between their doctor appointments and the animals’ vet visit. We both get weighed, have a light shine in our eyes, and get our ears checked out. A doctor always listens to our heart to make sure it sounds healthy and strong. Yes, there will be a time for vaccines, but not at every visit. (Read the story to find out who got a pass on getting a shot!)

Papa Paws’ stories are always entertaining with adorable illustrations. Macy looked cute in their cone of shame. Zozo was darling in her pink bow! Oh, and I loved how the author used the sweet pooches to sneak in math lessons. The price of the doggie treats was extremely high; however, I believe the dollar amount included all the examinations. At least, I hope it did! 

I give this book 5 paws up and recommend it to children 3-6 years!”

Kameron Brook, Reedsy Discovery
Rated 5.0 out of 5

A cute read to help children understand what happens at the doctor.

C & B
Rated 5.0 out of 5

I loved this story along with the adorable illustrations. I feel the story can apply to animals and children alike. The story will help children realize there isn’t anything scary about going to see the doctor. And, if they’ve been good during the visit, may receive a treat or lollypop!

Stephanie M.

The Real-Life Story Behind the Book

2018 03 05 18.23.45
MIss Mia enjoying a treat during her checkup.
2018 03 05 18.10.22
Molly Paws getting the good stuff while being weighed.
2018 03 05 18.49.17
Harley getting a goodie for being a good girl.

A Visit to the Doggie Doctor was inspired by our love and respect for our local veterinarians. As pet parents, we have become familiar with visiting the vet for routine puppy checkups, allergy shots, for sick doggies, or having eaten something strange in the yard and everything in between. We are lucky to have quality vet care literally around the block from house. With three doggies, being so close makes it much easier to get them all loaded up into the car and off to their appointments.

The veterinarians at our local practice are dog lovers who care for our doggies almost as much as we do. When we lost our little Zozo at nine months old, the vet who saw her was just as heartbroken as we were. We admire our veterinarians for their kindness to our beloved fur babies and their medical knowledge and skill to take the best care of our precious poochies. What better way to show our appreciation than to make a book celebrating our doggie doctors doing what they do best!

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