Book 5: Smells Like Bath Time! Cover

The Everyday Adventures of Papa & Paws® Book 5: Smells Like Bath Time!

Today, Molly and her sisters are having so much fun exploring the smells in the yard. Not everyone is ready for the tub when Mama finds out how dirty they are. Molly and Zozo hide while Momo and Miss Mia settle in with suds and squeaky toys. Can bath time be just as fun as playing in the yard? 

Children’s picture book about a sweet little doggie named Molly Paws and her family.

  • Created by a dog dad, every story is based on a real-life event.
  • Toddlers and preschoolers ages 0-5(ish) will enjoy the cute illustrations of the dogs.
  • Moms, dads, and grandparents will love reading the heartwarming stories.
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What Folks Are Saying

Rated 5 out of 5

“Filled with adorable illustrations and the hilarious antics of Molly and her sisters, Smells Like Bath Time! by Papa Paws is sure to please. … This story is easy to follow and quick to read, perfect for reading anytime they need a good laugh. The colorful pictures add to the enjoyment, and the soft pastel colors fit perfectly as Molly, Mia, and their sisters happily bounce from one fun activity to the next.”

Stephanie L., Readers’ Favorite
Rated 0 out of 5

“…a fun read and it brings a carefree element of enjoying the present moments of some soapy suds and squeaky toys! I can’t imagine that many pups taking a bath at the same time, especially when the ‘shake-shake-shake’ part brings a new meaning to shower time!”

Elizabeth O.
Rated 5 out of 5

“My 6-year-old liked this story. He says it was ‘so super stinkin cute’. I thought it was a cute story and might help ease fears of younger kiddos about the bath if they read this story too.”

Rated 5 out of 5

“It’s so adorable and cute. The little dogs so sweet and cute. They gave fun than have an adventure in the bath. The graphics are lovely. Keep making more books about your pups.”

Angie H.
Rated 5 out of 5

“I really enjoyed the book. It was a very quick read and the pictures were just cute. This would be best aimed at children under seven-years old or anybody who could use a good laugh with a bedtime story.”

Christal M.

The Real-Life Stories Behind the Book

Molly Paws loves to find a patch of grass that is all stinky. Then she proceeds to roll in it until she’s satisfied with her aroma. I have grown fond of the scent over time, but my wife can’t stand it. And with Molly being the eldest doggie in the house, she had to teach it to her two younger sisters. When I first started to think about this new adventure, I knew that the stinkweed had to be a part of a book about bath time.

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We rescued Marley in the spring of 2020. She is the first dog I’ve had who likes to take her indoor toys outside. One evening, I retrieved one of her toys after she came in without it (again). We were all on the couch and my wife picked up the toy to play with Marley when she shrieked. There, on the stuffed toy was a small slug just minding its own business. This inspired the bugs scene in the upcoming book. 

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