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The Everyday Adventures of Papa & Paws® Book 10: First day of Puppy school

Today, Molly Paws’ sisters, Momo and Zozo, are off to their first day of Puppy School. Their teacher, Ms. Biscuit, introduces them to their classmates. Will they make new friends? Will Momo and Zozo have fun learning at school?

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What Folks aRE saying

Rated 5.0 out of 5

The story really resonated with us, especially as my grandson was gearing up for his first day at preschool. We talked about the importance of making new friends and trying new things, just like the characters in the book. “Papa and Paws First Day of School” was such a heartwarming read for my grandson and me. We both found it incredibly enjoyable. It was such a blast acting out scenes from the story together, and it really drove home the message that being prepared can make everything smoother for a little one.

The illustrations in the book are simply adorable and so lifelike. I’m sure kids of all ages will fall in love with the charming puppies depicted in its pages. It’s ideal for reading aloud to younger children, and those who are beginning to read on their own will find both the story and the illustrations captivating. I am a big fan of the Papa & Paws Collection and the fuzzy family vibes the books bring. It has been added to our cozy bedtime reading at home, and I wholeheartedly recommend adding this book to your collection.

-Present Moments
Rated 3.0 out of 5

This book is really for that child or family that really loves dogs. The illustrations are eye-catching and adorable. The dogs in particular are very nicely detailed.

The plot itself of the story seems to not be the most engaging in my opinion and might be better for younger children (under 3 or 4) who are more interested in the pictures.

Overall I think anyone who loves dogs will enjoy this book.

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The Real-Life Stories Behind the Book

Zozo Puppy School Tunnel 2019 01 26 10.24.39 1200
Zozo Puppy School Zooming Through the Tunnel

First Day of Puppy School was inspired by our two puppies, Zoe and Marley. We took our Zozo to our local Puppy Kindergarten when she was just sixteen weeks old. She was so small (only 2.5 pounds). She hid under our chair the entire first class. By the time we returned for the second class, she was all about exploring and learning with the other doggies. When it was break time, the doggies all had the chance to play with each other. Instead of playing with the doggies, Zozo went around to all the humans instead. The other doggies were hesitant in the tunnel challenge, but Zozo loved it and zoomed right through!

2020 07 16 08.23.04
Marley Hanging Out at Home

On the other hand, Marley never had the opportunity to go to puppy school as we got her in April 2020. She is more shy and a homebody like us, and she would have done well, but she probably wouldn’t have been as adventurous as Zozo. Since we have made them twins in the book, it made sense to show their differing reactions to school and how they would make friends.

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