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The Everyday Adventures of Papa & Paws® Book 8: doggie Detectives

Today, Molly Paws and her sisters discover another dog toy is missing. Their toy box is empty, so they put on their detective hats and work together to find clues to solve the mystery. Will they ever see their toys again? Will they find out who did this? 

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What Folks aRE saying

Rated 5.0 out of 5

This is such a cute book, and I enjoyed reading it along with the rest of the books in this series! The characters are delightful, and the plot is interesting. The illustrations help to greatly enhance the text. I would definitely recommend this book!

Rated 3.0 out of 5

The Doggie Detectives is a lovely story for ages 3-5. The plot is simple and exciting; it is about a missing toy. The story is written in a cartoon format and uses everyday conversational language. The illustrations are lovely and professional. I recommend the book as a bedtime story that will leave a smile on the kid’s face.

Eva F.

The Real-Life Stories Behind the Book

Marley Timmy Greeting Each Other

Marley is a gentle doggie and she always wants to go outside in the warm weather to play with our resident squirrel, Timmy. I was fortunate enough to snap a pic of them saying hello to each other one morning. Timmy the Squirrel deliberately waits near the patio for Macy and Marley to come out and then he runs up the tree. Macy barks while Marley watches him with fascination. We think she may be disappointed that he doesn’t stay to play.

Timmy with Bread ALT 1200

Timmy the Squirrel loves to visit the Paw Family. He enjoys playing hide and seek with Macy and Marley. He really enjoyed the pumpkin we sat out last fall (he ate most of it!). And we caught him taking advantage of our free bread for squirrels on our camera. He popped his nose right up to it to say thank you for the goodie. Even though he has not taken a doggie toy in real life, it seemed like a fun element for our mystery adventure.

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